Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe

                                              Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe 
                                                                       -John Donne
Poet is consoling his beloved that he is not going anywhere due to the wearing of her, nor in the hope for another beloved, because this world cannot provide more suitable beloved for him. The poet suggests his beloved that it is useless to be sorrowful thinking of separation from each other. Death is inevitable to each one of us. Therefore, the man should not suffer from anxiety despite knowing the fact. Death can be defeated only by making merriment moments. It would be better to enjoy ourselves than to weeping over. Poet gives the example of the sun that the course of the sun is to rise and set repeatedly, despite, it has no any desire or sense. She does not need to fear of his departure because poet will travel faster than the sun, in thoughts of her, the poet will return very soon.
Realization of death, the poet says, if, death is fixed, man cannot add another hour to his life. He points out the weaknesses of the human. Human is very feeble before death, he cannot avoid if death is to come. Man is not capable to add a moment to the happiness that happens to him, but he often prolongs his misery.

When his beloved sighs in memory of the poet, poet’s soul mingles with the wind. The poet says she expresses the utmost kindness when she thought of their separation. However, in doing so, the poet feels his blood deteriorating. When she sighs and weeps, she wastes her own self and so wasted poet’s self-altogether. He accused her, blaming that sighing is the unkindest act. Although the poet loves him, she wastes herself and subsequently so happens with the poet. Thus, the poet concludes that if she does so, she is indifferent towards him.

The poet instructs her beloved that in his absence she should be constant at her heart. Do not allow your heart to think anything ill regarding me. Think of us as if we are only sitting together turning back to each other. During his absence, she must feel as if they are away from each other only to sleep.

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