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BSEB, Intermediate (10+2) English Paper 2018

BSEB, Intermediate (10+2) English Paper 

The question pattern of BSEB Intermediate (10+2) has been changed, more objective type questions will be asked instead of descriptive one. Possibly, more  questions will be asked based on Author and Works through different types of objective questions. Therefore, the given Authors and their works list under different generic titles will prove the candidates very helpful for English paper. The authors given in the list are taken from the prescribed book, Rainbow (Story of English) for class-XI & XII students.

Works and Respective Authors

Poet and their Poems
Works                                    Author

The Vision of Piers the Plowman   William Langland
The Canterbury Tales       Geoffrey Chaucer
Le Morted’Arthur                  Thomas Malory

Tamburlaine the Great
Dr. Faustus                                  Christopher Marlowe

Shakespearean sonnet
Venus and Adonis        William Shakespeare

Astrophel and Stella              Philip Sidney

IL Penseroso
Lycidas                                     John Milton
Paradise Lost
Paradise Regained

Mac Flecknoe                           John Dryden
Absalom and Achitophel

Hudibras                                  Samuel Butler

Four Pastorals
An Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot     Alexander Pope
Rape of the Lock

Elegy Written in a country Churchyard   Thomas Gray
Lyrical Ballads    William Wordsworth+ST Coleridge

The Rime of Ancient Mariner
Kubla Khan                              ST Coleridge

Childe Harold                           Lord Byron
Vision of Judgement
Don Juan

The Skylark
The Cloud
Ode to the West Wind          PB Shelley
Revolt of Islam
Queen Mab

Eve of St. Agnes                      John Keats

In Memoriam                     Alfred Lord Tennyson

Sohrab and Rustam
The Scholar Gypsy            Matthew Arnold
Dover Beach

Pied Beauty                             GM Hopkins

Songs of children
Peacock Pie                    Walter de la Mare

Among School Children
Sailing to Byzantium              W B Yeats
Second Coming

The Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock
The Wasteland                       T.S. Eliot
Ash Wednesday
Four Quartets

Look, Stranger                        W H Auden

Hawk Roosting                        Ted Hughes

A Psalm of Life                        Longfellow

Village Song
Songs of Radha                       Sarojini Naidu
A Soul’s Prayer

The Gitanjali
The Savitri                                Rabindranath Tagore

First People
Blood of My Country       Jeannethe Armstrong
Wind Women

Translation into Fiction         Harris

Sacred Presence                     Arnold Itwaru

Poems from Prison                Wole Soyinka

Beware Soul-Brother
Christmas in Biafra                 Chinua Achebe

In a Green Night
The Castaway                         Derek Walcott
The Gulf

 Dramatists and their works
Author                                   Works
Shakespeare                Hamlet     Othello
                                    Macbeth    Julius Caesar
                                    King Lear

John Galsworthy                Strife        justice

George Bernard Shaw       Widowers’ House
                                           Arms and  the Man

                                    Murder in the Cathedral
Family Reunion
T.S. Eliot                     The Cocktail Party
Confidential Clerk

Christopher Fry               Lady’s Not for Burning
John Osborne                  Look Back in Anger
Samuel Beckett               Waiting for Godot
Harold Pinter                  The Homecoming

American Drama
Eugene O’Neill           The Hairy Ape   
Anna Christie                  
Desire Under the Elms
The Iceman Cometh

Arthur Miller                 All my Sons 
                                       Death of a Salesman

Tennesse William          A Street Car Named Desire

African Drama
Wole Soyinka                   A Dance of Forest          
The Lion and the Jewel

Indian Drama
Asif Currimbhoy              The Tourist Mecca
Rabindranath Tagore        Chitra     Red Oleander
Grish Karnad                    Hayavadana      Tuglaq

Novelists and their works
British Novelists
Richardson                       Pamela
Henry Fielding                 Tom Jones
Oliver Goldsmith             Vicar of Wakefield
Ann Radcliff                    Mysteries of Utopia

Jane Austen                   Pride and Prejudice
  Sense and Sensibility

Walter Scott                     Ivanhoe    Kenilworth

Charles Dickens               Pick Wick Papers            
      David Copperfield

WM Thackeray                Vanity Fair
Thomas Hardy                 Far From the Madding Crowd
DH Lawrence                   Sons and Lovers
Rudyard Kipling               Jungle Book
Joseph Conrad                 The Heart of Darkness

Indian Novelists
Bankim Chandra             Raj Mohan’s Wife

Mulk Raj Anand           Untouchable      Coolie        
  Two Leaves and A Bud

RK Narayan                The Guide         
The Bachelor of Arts      
Swami and Friends
Raja Rao                     Serpent and The Rope                 

Nayantara Sahagal          Storm in the Chandgarth            
    Rich Like Us.

Kamala Markandaya       Nector In a Sieve   
                Some Inner Fury

Khushwant Singh            Train to Pakistan
K.S. Duggal                     Twice Born Twice Dead
Chamanwahab                 Azadi
Manohar Malagaonkar       A Bend in the Ganges

Anita Desai                 Cry, the Peacock             
Bye, Bye Blackbird         
Voices in the City

Arun Joshi                  The Foreigner                 
Strange Case of Billy Biswas

Vikram Seth                The Golden Gate            
A Suitable Boy

Amitav Ghosh                  The Shadow Lines
Shashi Tharoor                 The Great Indian Novel
Arudhanti Roy                  The God of Small Things
Raj kumar Jha                   The Blue Bedspread
Kiran Desai                       The Inheritance of Loss

American, Australian and Canadian Novels
Herman Melville        Typee                               

Mark Twain                 Tom Sawyer                                  
Huckleberry Finn

Henry James               The Europeans               
The Ambassadors      
The Portrait of a Lady

Ernest Hemingway         For Whom the Bell Tolls
                                        The Old Man and the Sea   
                                        A Farewell to Arms

Ralph Ellison                  Invisible Man
Tony Morrison               The Blue Eye      Sula
Alice Walker                  The Colour Purple
Margaret Atwood           The Edible Woman
Patrick White                  Voss      Tree of Man

African Novelists
Chinua Achebe                Things Fall Apart            
      Arrow of God

Ngugi Wa Thiong            Weep Not Child              
     Petals of Blood               
     Devil on the Cross

Nadine Gordimer               The Conservationist
                                           A Guest of Honour         
       A Son’s Story

George Lemming       In the Castle of My Skin

VS Naipoul                The House for Mr. Vishwas   
                                   The Mimic Man           
                                   Half A Life

Lakshmi Persuad             Butterfly in the Wing

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