Thursday, 5 November 2015

The First Post in English Literature

Hello Ravi,
this is the demo blog that we discussed late in the night yesterday. You can use this to learn the nuances of blogging. Once you become familiar with the world of online writing and blogging, we can get into the business we discussed.

Blogging is the immense world of passion and earning with your passion. You can earn while you learn; you can earn while you pursue your writing passion. The world has become online today. One who understands the basics of Google and internet can do the best to manipulate the writing skills and make some extra bucks.
However, on this blog, you will be sharing the works about literature in English and also about our journal Ashvamegh. Every time you write something about poetry, novels or dramas, you can add the hyperlink to our journal, as I have added on the back. You can start writing about anything that you wish in English literature.
For starters, I would recommend you to write about the teaching of English literature. Please understand that you have to write at least 400 words per post. Then only your work will be judged valid.
For any inquiry on blogging, SEO, literature, or any issues you have about writing, you can always contact me. My web address is Alok Mishra, the blog and email you know.


(this was a demo blog post posted by Alok to let the blog owner know the importance of blogging and power of words) 

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